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Our "Founder"-level Donors:

David and Cynthia Benson
Jed Gaines
Donald & Susan Anderson
Reese Liggett
Charles & Alice Boucher
Richard & Janet Manganello
Rick Towell
Terry George
Bib Wo
Sidney & Diana Snyder
David and Mary Ann Berry
Sara Elin Soderquist
Christopher & Noelani Hochuli
Mel Hertz
Dave and Pam Livingston
Pat & Grace Duarte
Philip & Carolyn Whitney
Karin L. Holma
Philip E Sammer
Yasuo and Yoko Sato
Max Besenbruch
Robert Robinson
Phil Wright
Nancy Grekin
Glenda Anderson
Del Green
Jack Dwyer
Kimberly Frank
Larry E. & Deanna D Helber
Sally M. Mist
Marilyn Edith Libin
John White and Yoko-Hayami-White
H.Peter Kempf and Sharon K. Hoge

Linda Cloward
David M. Peters
In Memory of Helen & Chip Chapin
Gary W. Dalzell
Carolyn Kimball
Elsie Zaluski
John C. Brogan
Carol S. Sakata
Faith Ichida
Manuel R. Sylvester
Glenda King Rother
Loren Edwin and Jane Scott Butler
Jean Rolles
Jeff Apaka
John A. Reznick
Dennis Boom
Geraldine Choy
Tom Brazier
Richard Proctor
Colleen Kitamoto
James S and Vivian G Rootman
Barbara Saromines-Ganne
Gregory Heath Bowman
Garrett Grace
David Barabino
Charlie & Kathi McCarron
Kitsuhiro Kinoshita
Beth Gilbertsen Betts
Richard M. Gray
Warren B. Barshes
Winton Schoneman
Byron & Pamela Eliashof
Robert & Shirley Bentzien
Michael H. Lyons II, PDG

Scotty Anderson
James T & Maria T Rosenswike
Tom & Pat Van Winkle
Gene and Florence Gelfo
Donald & Carol Johnston
Kent Lau & Gwen Yamamoto Lau
John F. Nadler
Len Jaffee & Miles Shiratori
Past President Tony Gedeon
Rotary Club of Hilo
Kevin, Marcie & Luke Herring
Linda Coble & Kirk Mathews
Ann Stamp Miller
PDG Ronald & Sylvia Young
Cristopher J & M Rosemary Linden
Gene Grounds
Rotary Club of Waikiki
Kirk Hovious
Walt Flood
Rotary Club of Kahala Sunrise
Annabelle Stumpf
Rotary Club of Honolulu Sunrise
Laura & John Steelquest
Nancy Pace & Mel Kaneshige
John A. Lockwood
Dawn Marie
Alice and Jerry Tucker
Rotary Club of West Pearl Harbor
Thomas & Lanba Lee Plum
Mitch & Barbara D'Olier
Waikiki Beach Services, LLC
Roz Cooper
Hai Cha Lambert

The first 100 Founders-level donations have been received!
These donors will be recognized as ‘founders’ with their names etched on a rock in the park.
Click here to see a list of our current “Founder”-level donors.

The Centennial Park Project needs your help!

A $2,500 donation can sponsor one of the 20+ pedestal seats situated around the park. Each seat will be decorated with Hawaiian historic artwork and the donor’s name will be placed on the side of the seat.

A $3,500 donation can sponsor one of three monkey pod trees to be planted in the park.

A $5,000 donation can sponsor one of nine lamp stanchions throughout the park.

A $10,000 donation can sponsor one of the 12+ “Roto-Rocks” which will be circled around the park, each bearing a decade of the history of Rotary in Hawaii and of Waikiki during the same period.

Donations over $10,000 will be recognized with Roto-Rock etchings and more.

All donations and supporters will be acknowledged in our media and promotional material.

Make your tax-deductible donation online now:

Your can also make your donation in the form of a check or money order, sent to:
District 5000/Centennial Park
c/o Rotary Club of Honolulu
705 Queen St.
Honolulu, HI 96813

Click here to download the pledge form